Davide's drumming is a combination of taste, sensibility, highly technical skills in different genres with a deep, authentic knowledge of musical languages.



Live perf., Electrio, Educational, Drums project, etc.



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Recording Studio Mic

Recording Sessions

Professional Sounds

In my studio I can perfectly record my drums for your projects in a professional settings; both audio and video. 
Any specific request will be evaluated along with the Artist.


Drums Colours School

I am very active in teaching, having held the drum chief position in all major music schools in Rome, as well as having taught privately for 35 years. My teaching gravitate around my educational opera: "Drums Colours". All lessons are customized on the student's need. Lessons will be held in my studio, L'Oasi studio in Rome.

Stage in the Spot Lights


For your Music

I am available for any live project as well as for rehearsing. I am available for both local as well as national or international gigs.


Music Download

My cd, my Music

Click to download the Music you prefer.


Drums Colours

My educational Opera!

These are the books published so far. Click on each to view some sample and downloadable pages.
You can order by clicking on the relative button.

Vol. 1-Technique
Vol. 2-Coordinazione
Vol. 3-Metric and Reading
Vol. 4-Ostinato
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Sample cover DOPPIO PEDALE.jpg
Native cover NEW.jpg


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